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About This Site:
Contrary to MOST web sites out there, I wanted to make a site that was trully valuable to others. After looking around the internet for blocks all I could find were those weak blocks Autodesk gives out. So, after getting my hands on pleeenty of blocks I decided to combine my interest in web design and CAD drafting
to produce a site that was:
Content Oriented !
More Importantly.

This site was created as an exercise in web design.
An excuse to learn html.
Little by little I improve this site to apply new lessons.
This Site is an ongoing experiment.
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o--- .nfo ---o

Well, well, well...almost one year after the launching of this site and I have learned a lot.
But, every good thing must come to an end, and I would like to close this project, and move on to other my new domain:, dedicated to digital architecture exploration.So I have imposed myself the agenda of cleaning up the site and leaving it to the sands of cyberspace. And so...because nobody ever will read this... I have declared CBEN dead. This Site will no longer be updated, its e-mails will not be answered. To much time in front of this tube and not to getting paid. If I have charged you dirty bastards (as I like to call you visitors) $1 dollar for each visti.......I'd have a couple of $ in my pockets. It was anice run though. The problem is that I spend too much time in front of this computer, and I'm starting to feel I'm missing out. OH MY GOD ! Who am I Kidding??? I AM AN ADDICT!!!! A Web Addict That Is! This meaningless little project has turned into an addiction. I have to check my stats, my e-mail, every 5 seconds everyday for the last year! And I dont even care about "cad blocks"!! It was all just a just a stupid excuse to do this project!! What the hell do I care! And you dirty little ungratefull fucks! I save you hundreds of $ and you don't even have the decency to sign my guestbook, to send "one" cad block in return, to use my fucking classifieds section that I spent countless wasted hours making for you fucks. Is this anti web? No, I guess I just don't care enough about this project to continue wating my time making something usefull and beautiful at the same time.Did this site evolve? I'm not sure. I mean dont get me wrong it was tended to, but from the beginining I knew I had the right combination in terms of it's layout. ( I even made a new one that even though it was beatifull ( I even liked looking at it) I had to reject it at the end because I thought It was redundant. ( the croller doesn work properly but i dont care to fix it. forget it.Plus..I didn't want to leave my counter hits history. I had always used the counter dot com, but recently I encounterd Web Trends which is more sophisticated. but that would mean leaving the counter dot com behind and start from scratch with web trends, so finally I decided to use web trends on the start page and continue using the on the 3 frame layout which has served so well. That is " My happy medium ". But I had to cut THE MOST BEAUTIFULL WEB PAGE IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET. But before I leave....I want to make sure everything is working correctly. Also I want to make this site fully independent from me. That means..that whenever I close my account with my local providor:, the site will continue...that is why I have put all sites's content on i-drive ( which I think is a pretty good idea to start with ) . That means that whenever my account gets closed...because I have moved away or changed or whatever! site will continue to run serving you dirty little bastards. collecting hits, collecting guestbook entries (if you dirty bastard ever bothered to use it). No , No...there are people who use it....kind people who appreciate the effort and time spent making this site happen!. Oh who am I kidding!!! what would i have done If I had not this project...(probably something healthy). like riding my god dammed bike which is collecting dust !! you dirty fuck. ....whatever....SO! I have imposed myself the agenda of ridding my life with the bore of giving you free cad blocks. Thats right! I gave myself 7 days to leave everything running before I DELETE all files pertaing to this site off my computer. Its the way it has to be. After 7 days (starting September 6, 2000) I will delete ell files that have to do with this site from my computer and I will also delete all my links for the stats, guestbook..all e-mail will be redirectd to an e-mail account that is no checked...weeel what the hell, maybe in a looooong while If i see that i have lots of contributions i will upload them to a free server. (gottta get away from this shit). Someday I will remeber this site and I will have time check it out. hopefully my number of hits will be great cause all i have now is like 6000 hits which is not bad. Recently my site was picked up by search engines and so it receives itgs hits...i like posting in the newsgroups because i got an instant response with many hits. my record is 212 hits in one day. that is the this site's peak. Then again who knows what it might do in 1 or twho years of my abcesnce. hopefully7 I will be surprised. But I think I got banned from the newsgroups servers because my posts won't appear...yeah I got some e-mails from that bitch anne brown from autodesk. but what hte hell do i care? .Well I'm past my third beewr and I will stop for now. This site has 5 more days of work and then it will be abandoned. I cant wait! im working day and night for this next wednesday CBEN will be dead and I will have time for my other things.I have asked myself why didnt i think of this before? just abandon the site? Well I have thought about it but never seripoulsly. But my mind is made up. this is the right decision.So..I left the site with a postive public service Stop the bombings which is a cause i that I support and all reasonable just person should support..Y esto? Anyways..Im boarding up the site but i wont close it it. I dont know if I should even tell you about it. just let you suckers keep sending in "cad blocks" in to my i dont account . I hate this site. In a couple of years I will look back and ask my self what ever happened to that sight? is it still up"? go i have a gazzzillion hits?Hopefullyy I will but I wont know for a long time because i will have stopped checking. The sand of cyberspace. what could be the oldest html in history? who cares? but what in a million years? what if ET came to the ruins of Planet Earth and all their archeological technology could find was This html doc?what would they make of us? That reminds me: What If my bones were in a meseum? would people come out to see them. and what if they assembled me together all wrong? putting bones on to bones where they didnt belong....anyways i decided to quit for today. i still have to do the i drive thing make sure its workink properly and that will take a couple of days to hatch. remember...wednday is the last day. all be workink and in its final workink version of the site. I do regret not having enough history recororded. you know a distinctive trait of this medium is that there is hardly ever a FINAL version of anything. EVOULUTION. and my html docs were updated, but not a copy of THE first version of this site. like the history of the document which this medium can record.the history of history: an introspective in the motion of though through hard technology and soft connection of the brain to the world.well...not the THE world, but the world wide web, as it has been called. Well. il stop for now. While I do something Productive with my time. See if I care if you come back now! please?Yeah there were some pretty nice guestbook entries. thats my old guestbook my new one most of tem were erased by my stupid guestbook.vom account that only keeps a limited amount of entries. The trials and errors of the history of the document. html history.well.. what is the longevity of a document? we have found documents 2000 years ols dating back to the egyptians, but what avout our documents? will someone else be able to understand? to peice together the fabric of our society, through html. not really...maybe in a 100000 years. Eso me acuerda: Las 23 momias que fueron asignadas a mi equipo recientemente son demasiado lentas. Yo dije desde el principio que la mision que llevaria acabo requeririan Zombies. Aunque las momias y los zombies son especies de muertos resucitados, tienes que darte cuenta que solo los zombies tienen la clase de energia que yo necesito para las misiones que he estado llevando acabo.Cada vez que hago un pedido para mas zombies todo lo que consigo son 2 o 3 de las momias mas vagas que has visto en tu vida! Algunas no se molestan ni en gemir. ( Eso es mucho pedir?) Es como estar trabajando con un batallon de ex-novias! Una mision exitosa requiere trabajo en equipo. Si no consigo los 23 zombies ( y el monje que los contola con los lasos magicos).......voy a tener que clonear mas Carlos Romero Barcelos y desatarlos en la isla. (Y esos jibaros todavia se creen que es ni que el Chupacabras).heheheeheh. Por favor tramita este pedido ASAP Yo Pense que eso quedo bien comico. Pued haber ido a ver UCB cuando estaba en NY pero no sabia donde era, resulta que cuando regreso a cSJ encuentro en el village voice que el lugar queda en la calle 22 entre la 6 y 7 ave! a lado del apt que algun dia me gustaria ocupar. bueno..paro por, the text is really small ,ahora..ahora si que si. September 7, 2000. check out my new site hyperlinks are the same color as the text so ..good luck to you there are many hyperlinks pointing to a bit of history off this site.i hope this idrive doesnt take long...someday if i leave my ISp I will have to update this site to point only to its i drive location and/ or tripod servers.sometimes these servers are busy too busy and would have many troubles not complteon downloads so i had to move it all to mi ISp service whose connection is reliable. when they were at tripod i would get ma lot of mail indicating trouble with downloads. people complaing and what I like those battle bots thing i think it is very vreative. wish i could make one i have it all planned, but i dont know anything about robotics and its a bit outside my field that beeing architecture. although desigh is design and that is important. i just don't want to roam.not. learne a lot But for now this sites remains as it it is and how it has always been: doomed.