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I am webmaster for CBEN, The Cad Block Exchange Network.
An exclusively Cad Blocks site, and I'm looking for support
amongst reputable sites like your own.
My site is HIGHLY RANKED in the MAJOR search angines. See bottom list.

I can put your banner on every download page,
and on the main menu page, as well as adding a link to your site on every e-mail CBEN sends.
Also I would place your banner in the dwg file itself.
The Site does +/- 45,000 page views a month, Most of these are from 9am-5pm,
which indicates that most visits are being made from an office enviroment.

Currently the web site is up for redesign for a cleaner faster loading format, and to update its block content. Before I do that, I'm searching for a new host. Tripod's servers are often too busy for reliable and consistant downloads. You will notice that most zip files are spread over several servers on the net to avoid Tripod file downloads. Tripod is free...but you get what you pay for, and too often, it's a problem. Which means I would have to register a new domain and hosting service for the site.
I need someone to do a CGI Browse button page, so users can upload their contributions
to the collection from the web site itself,
rather than the: attatch to e-mail and send to: @ format I use.
People's contributions is what keeps the collection growing, and users keep
coming back for a one-stop, exclusively cad block content site.

On a personal note, a year ago I started a little web site project called CBEN.
Countless hours have been spent making, promoting, updating and maintaining this site
Too my surprise, it has been well received and has surpassed my highest expectations.
CBEN is regularly posted AND recommended in many cad / architecture web sites from
around the world as well as in most major search engine's TOP Rankings.
First under "cad blocks". Since I made my site accesible in spanish, visits AND
contributions have more than tripled. And its audience keeps growing as
search engines continue to spyder the site! Although I am pleased with its results, the
little web site project has turned into outright "work". Much more than I can afford, for a site that is free.
So I either shut it down/abandon it, or I find a sponsor.
I would rather do the latter.

So if you are interested in sponsoring this web site it would be mutually beneficial
Search using " cad blocks " as keywords:
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and MANY other other Cad / Architecture / Drafting related sites!!!!!!